Animal protein

Animal protein

Hydrolyzed Feather Meal

Protein80% Min
Fat10% Max
Ash4% Max
Fiber4% Max
Moisture10% Max
Pepsin Digestibility75% Min

Fish Meal (60/65%)

Min.Fat10% Max
Sand/Salt Combined5% Max
Sand Alone2% Max
Moisture10% Max
TVN120 MG/100 Gram Max

Fish Meal Analogue (60/65%)

Protein60/65% Min.
Fat10% Max.
Ash15% Max.
Moisture10% Max.

Poultry Byproduct Meal

Protein60% Min.
Fat16% Max.
Ash20% Max.
Fiber2.5% Max
Moisture10% Max.

Pet Grade Poultry Byproduct Meal

Protein65% Min.
Fat18% Max.
Ash14% Max.
Fiber3% Max.
Moisture10% Max.

Meat and Bone Meal

Protein50% Min.
Fat15% Max.
Ash35% Max.
Fiber4% Max.
Moisture10% Max.
Pepsin Digestibility85% Min.

Spray-Dried Inedible Eggs

Protein45% Min.
Fat26% Min.
Ash6% Max.
Moisture10% Max.
Aflatoxins20 PPB


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