Pulses and Grains

Pulses and Grains

The dry, edible seeds in the legume family, pulses are a category of superfoods that includes chickpeas, lentils, dry peas and beans. Many pulse types are grown across the U.S., particularly in the Northern Plains and the Palouse.

Dry Beans

Black beans

Black beans have a meaty texture and are often used in Latin American foods, like tacos. They are grown primarily in North and South America.

Red Kidney beans

Red kidney beans are named for their similar shape and color to human kidneys. Kidney beans generally take on the flavors of the food they are cooked with. They are grown in North and South America, Egypt, Ethiopia and China.

Black gram

Black gram beans are grown primarily in India. In India and Pakistan, they are thought of as one of the best pulses.

The Navy bean got its name because it was a staple food for the U.S. Navy in the 1800s. Today, it is the main bean used for baked beans.


Large green lentils

Large green lentils are one of the predominant lentil types grown worldwide. They are grown primarily in Canada, India and Turkey.

Red lentils

Red lentils are the other predominant lentil. They are also grown mainly in Canada, India and Turkey.

Split red lentils

Split red lentils are the split and peeled seeds of red lentils.

French green lentils

French green lentils originated in the Puy region of France. Today they are grown in…

Faba Beans

Broad beans (Fava beans)

Broad beans are native to North Africa and southwest Asia. Now, they are grown primarily in these regions, but cover more countries around the world, from Canada to Sweden, and Colombia to China to name a few.

Dry Peas

Yellow & Green Whole

Yellow whole peas originated in the Middle East thousands of years ago. Russia, Canada and China are the largest dry pea producing countries. Canada, Europe, Australia and the U.S.A. are major exporters of the crop.

Yellow & Green Split

Split peas are split and peeled whole peas. One of the most common split pea dishes worldwide is split pea soup.

Marrowfat peas

Marrowfat peas are mature peas that are naturally dried out in the field. Common foods containing marrowfat peas are mushy peas and pea snacks.



Kabuli chickpeas are the largest type of chickpea. They are grown in India, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and North and South America.


Desi, the smallest chickpea in size is also the oldest. They are commonly grown in India, Canada, Ethiopia, Mexico and Iran.

Split chickpeas

Desi chickpeas are often made into split chickpeas with the skin removed.

Other varieties


Cowpeas are grown in dry areas of tropical regions. Most cowpeas in the world are grown in Africa. Other growing regions are Asia, Central America and South America.

Bambara Beans

Unlike most other pulses, bambara beans are grown underground. They originated in West Africa and are still primarily grown there today.

Pigeon Peas

Pigeon peas originated in South Asia and are now grown in the world’s semi-tropical and tropical regions. The largest pigeon pea producing regions are India, Eastern Africa and Central America.


Different types of lupins are grown in Australia, southwestern Europe, and northeastern South American and Africa.